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Partner with Us

Join #QArmy! Join other Patriot groups! We can direct you to legit teams that need good Patriots.

Volunteer Your Time

Patriots help Patriots. If you need something it never hurts to ask.

Make a Donation. I am not hurting for cash,

and I am lucky enough to be able to earn. With that being said, I will NOT refuse YOUR blessing because of my pride. If God has led you to give to me for whatever reason I would be a fool to deny that. Not only would I be denying your blessing, but mine as well. It ALL belongs to Him. Others may need your help more than me. If I NEED help I will ask here. You have my word. Below is how I feel including a phone call I made to Dan Celia of Financial Issues.

Get Involved: Get Involved

Please give only if you are honestly led to. Do so for YOUR blessing AND mine.

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