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Gematria and meme magick

are not for everyone! pray about it and go where you're led!

This is where things get a little wonky. If you're not led to

dig into this sort of thing then don't sweat it ... press on like a

fake nail. If you're seeing numbers regularly, are simply curious,

or are COMPELLED to have a lurk then grab a shovel.

I'm no gematria expert ... but my autism, muhtism, sees things

that defy rational explanation. Let me know what you think

about it. is where you can

usually reach me in real time. Something is definitely there.


This is Dr. Frank Turek. He has a ministry called Cross Examined. He has a website www.CrossExamined.Org and has an app available called the "Cross Examined" app. He wrote a book called

"I Don't Have Enough Faith to be an Atheist" and does a ton of videos and presentations on this topic. The first 30 minutes or so of any of these presentations is INSTRUMENTAL in meme war and logical, critical thinking. You don't need to be a Christian to benefit from what he teaches.


Greg Koukl has a ministry called "Stand to Reason" and the website is . Greg wrote a book called "Tactics in Defending the Faith" where he gives a playbook on how to have conversations with people. While it is from a Christian Apologist's perspective, the information that is taught can be used by ANYONE! This guy is a logic BEAST and can show you how to be an effective ambassador in conversations no matter what your world views are. 


Ever had a liberal, marxist, or NPC tell you "THAT'S NOT EVIDENCE! REEEEEEEEEEEE" ... we all have. I'd like to introduce you to J. Warner Wallace, the "Evidence Whisperer" according to Dateline NPC (kek). He has a few books and presentations, notably "Cold Case Christianity" where he explains what evidence is and how to make a case for what you believe. is his website and I'd suggest everyone watch at least one of his presentations.

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