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Support my Ministry

For quite some time I have shied away from this ... No longer. For anyone looking to support my work in serving Christ and His Kingdom I am now accepting tithes and offerings.

Volunteer Your Time

As a Pastor and Teacher I will need others who serve Christ to undergird me. Pastors and leaders are primary targets of the enemies. ANY support is welcomed and I will be here as long as Christ allows me to serve my flock.

I am the real deal. I have a strong grasp of proper Christian theology, critical thinking, and the Socratic Method. If your intent is to "bribe" me into things then please keep your money. If you tithe to this ministry PLEASE DO SO CHEERFULLY and for the Glory of God. Everything we have belongs to HIM, frens. We are mere stewards... I cannot allow my pride to stand in the way any longer. I looked up and said "Here I am, Lord! Use me!" and apparently Christ took me seriously.

Here is my video where I officially plant His Church and step into my role as a Minister and Pastor for Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Glory to God!


Please give only if you are honestly led to. Do so for YOUR blessing AND mine. This is now a proper ministry and I AM accepting Tithes and Offerings. It just got real, frens!

If you wish to tithe or support me another way, just ask! I am streeming 24/7. Hop in and say hi or ask any questions!

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