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Gonna start keeping a daily log of activities! Are you flock or fam?

So. A lot of people are coming to me and letting me know that I am now their Pastor ... LOL Are you sure about that ;) I feel John Cena opening up in the upper left hand corner ARE YOU SURE ABOUT THAT?!?!?! LOL. So if I am your Pastor, you may be led to give. Not only am I full free speech, I am all about full transparency with His money, at least when it comes to what is given to me as a tribute to Him. So, with that being said, anything you give to me before I codify everything is just a flat gift to me. I'll use it for bills, for our move, for whatever. By the time I have an actual flock I want to have everything set up where any donations can be earmarked at the time of giving. In theory I want to teach YOU how to tithe so YOU can give your money meant for God to places that have been checked out and honestly do some good for God. But ... that doesn't mean I won't accept being blessed. If you stick around long enough and listen to my ramblings you'll find that giving and receiving is the same thing views from different precepts. It's all HIS money and we're just stewards ... and you can make a watertight case that the better you spend HIS money, the more HE will give you.

Today I am exploring Mixed Reality. The concept I have in my head is to be able to fight a meme war while in Virtual Reality, or to be able to teach some of my lessons in VR or maybe even have Sermons in VR. You know how Shady Groove has his Q Lounge Live? What if I could give sermons like that .... but be standing in a room. I am LOVING that meme/concept.

That's the start of the day. We'll see what happens. How about a daily meem? Can we does dat?

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