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So i gots da website up!!! Got a place you can donate. Not in need, but won't refuse blessings!

Live streams page ... messy, but should be able to go there and get any of my streems. Going to make pages for ITM and grooove as well as others. Blog is up, obviously, and the Donate / QArmy is because I was sick of being a pussy ... Not allowing people who are led to give to me to bless me, and themselves, is foolish and prideful. I'd rather you hit up others who need the help but YOU answer to Christ, not me. Only you can account for your stewardship of what HE blesses you with :D

So dazzit. Gonna do a live stream later to test everything and walk through the website. Then gonna start working on more pages as well as Pekistan.


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Apr 01, 2023


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